KUSmagic Productions

When the notorious Jeff Boyd goes on the run from a mental institution,

he triggers a long chain of events that takes him on a global search

for love and spiritual meaning.

Jeff Boyd escapes a mental institution and travels to his best friend Morton in Australia to start over in his bakery. But after two disastrous road trips in the Outback, Jeff’s doubts increase. In order to find meaning in his life, he plans to go to a monk in the Balkan mountains who enlightens people. Then he sees Prisha from India entering the bakery.  He feels mesmerized by her, but after a fight with Morton, he panicky leaves and travels to the Monk. Prisha follows him by surprise, and they start falling in love. While fighting against his criminal past chasing up for revenge, Jeff travels with Prisha further to her guru-father, realising that love could be his only savior.